Why You Should Always Hire a Professional to Move a Pool Table

Why You Should Always Hire a Professional to Move a Pool Table

Moving into or out of a home is never easy. Moving a pool table into or out of a home is barely feasible. "How to move a pool table" is a very popular search on Google, but answers aren't so easy to find. Even if you do find a good guide to moving a pool table, completing the job is going to be very difficult.

At The Pool Table Pros, we specialize in pool table moving, installation, set-ups, and leveling, and we can handle every aspect of the job of relocating your pool table. Our Sacramento pool table experts always reocmmend that you have a professional handle the move of a pool table. While you might love DIY projects, there are plenty of reasons to leave this one to the pros:

We'll Get the Job Done Safely

Our professionals will begin the process of moving your pool table by inspecting the table thoroughly. We'll look for breaks in the joints, cracks in the wood, and problems with the frame that can easily go unnoticed. If you don't see these things before you move the table, there's a huge chance that you'll exacerbate the problems during the move. Our experts will ensure that your pool table is not damaged during any part of the relocation.

Disassembly and Reassembly

Pool tables need to be completely taken apart prior to a move. Everything from the legs of the table to the felt needs to be completely disassembled, then reassembled at the new location. Our Sacramento pool table experts will be able to complete this task quickly and professionally, and we'll be able to guarantee that no part of your table is harmed in teh process.

The Setup

Once your pool table gets to its new location, it needs to be reassembled, which means that every piece needs to be reattacehd, including the felt. After it's reassembled, it still won't be ready for play. The table will need to be re-leveled before any shots will accurate.

When our Sacramento pool table experts relocate your table, we'll always provide a thorough setup at the end of the job to ensure that your table is ready for great shots.

If you're looking for a pool table relocation expert in Sacramento, call The Pool Table Pros at 916-206-4649, or fill out our online request form.