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Whether you're just having some fun with friends or you're getting serious about the game, you can depend on the Folsom pool table experts at The Pool Table Pros for any kind of services that you need performed on your pool table. We can install a new pool table in your home, install new felt on your pool table, or provide any number of pool table accessories. We're always ready and eager to provide you with excellent service and ensure that your pool table is ready for serious fun.

Depending on how often your pool table is used, it's going to go through a lot of wear and tear over time, and it's important that you keep it in great shape so that every game is as accurate—and fun—as possible. Our Sacramento pool table professionals will always be able to provide you with the best services possible for any kind of pool table, and our work always comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

Give us a call today to ask us any questions you have about our services, or to schedule your appointment, and we'll be looking forward to assisting you.

Pool Table Installation in Folsom

Moving a new pool table into your home is often a more difficult job than people imagine before it begins. Most of the time, it requires significantly more work than homeowners plan on, and if the job isn't performed by a professional, there's a strong chance that the table won't be perform optimally during game-play. Our Folsom pool table experts can guarantee that your pool table installation will be performed perfectly so that your table is totally levelled and balanced, and we'll make sure that no damage occurs during the process.

Folsom Pool Table Repairs

Any number of things could go wrong with your pool table, whether it's off-balance, the felt is damaged, or your bumpers need to be replaced, and when your table is in bad condition, your game suffers. Our Folsom pool table experts can provide excellent repairs to help you keep your pool table in the best condition possible at all times. We'll treat your table with care, and we'll provide thorough and accurate repairs.

Slate Crating and Pool Table Wrapping in Folsom

Shipping a pool table over any distance requires a significant amount of care. You need to know that no damage will be incurred in transit. Our slate crating and table wrapping services can ensure that your pool table has all of the protection that it needs when it's being shipped.

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