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Whether you're just having fun or you're getting serious about playing pool, you need your pool table to be in great shape, and at The Pool Table Pros, our Rockling pool table experts provide a number of services to help you do just that. You can rely on our Sacramento pool table professionals to install a pool table, re-felt your table, or even help you select the perfect accessories to improve your game. We'll always be able to provide you with great materials and excellent workmanship, and we'll do whatever it takes to make sure that your table is ready for serious play.

Pool tables go through a significant amount of wear and tear, especially if you're playing frequently, and keeping your table in great shape is the best way to keep your games as fun and accurate as posisble. Our experts offer a wide array of pool table services, and we'll always gaurantee your complete satisfaction with the work that we perform.

Call us today to ask any questions you have about our services, or to schedule your appointment, and we'll be looking forward to working with you.

Pool Table Installation in Rocklin

Moving a pool table into a home requires a great deal more work than many people might imagine. Aside from moving several very heavy pieces of the table, there are a number of things that need to be done during a pool table installation in order to ensure that it's ready for game play. Our Rocklin pool table experts can provide high quality professional pool table installation services that will guarantee the table is perfect placed, leveled, and balanced, and that your table isn't damged during the move.

Rocklin Pool Table Repairs

Any number of problems with your pool table can make for a bad game—whether it's old and worn out felt, bumpers with too much give, or an off-balance table. Our professionals offer high quality pool table repairs to help you keep your table in great shape at all times. We'll be able to quickly diagnose the issue and find the perfect solutions to provide you with prompt and professional repairs.

Slate Crating and Pool Table Wrapping in Rocklin

Shipping a pool table is a difficult job that requires a tremendous amount of care. It's very important that you're able to ship the table without it incurring any damages in transit. Our Rocklin pool table experts can professionally wrap and crate your table to ensure that it's completely safe for shipment.

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