Pool Table Accessories in Sacramento

Sacramento Pool Table Accessories

Whether you're looking to keep your recreation area more organized, provide protection for your table and felt, or improve your game with new cues, we have the perfect pool table accessories for you. The Pool Table Pros specializes in helping clients keep their pool tables in the best condition possible, and our high quality accessories can help. Our Sacramento pool table experts can help you choose the best accessories for your table and your game-play style, and we'll always guarantee your satisfaction with both our work and our products.

Pool Table Chalk

We carry billiards chalk in a wide variety of colors, including red, green, tan, navy, purple, spruce, black, charcoal, and olive.

Pool Table Balls

We carry standard billiard balls along will premium sets, decorative sets, glow-in-the-dark sets, and other specialty and novelty colors and designs.

Pool Table Brushes

We offer both standard and premium pool table brushes in black, oak, and mahogany. We also carry under-rail brushes.

Pool Table Covers

We carry high quality Naugahyde pool table covers in black, brown, tan, and mahogany. We offer pool table covers for tables of 7, 8, or 9 feet. We also have plastic covers available.

Eight Ball Triangles

We offer high quality acrylic triangles in a variety of colors. We also have wood triangles availables in different stains.

Nine Ball Triangles

Our acrylic nine ball triangle is only available in black. Our wood nine ball triangles are available in oak, mahogany, and black.

Cue Holders/Wall Racks

Our standard wall racks are available in oak, mahogany, and black.

Pool Table Pockets

The pockets above are of high quality leather available in black, mahogany, brown, or oak. Plastic is also available. Pokets are sold as a set of 6: 4 corners and 2 sides.

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