Pool Table Services in the Sacramento Area

If you need anything from residential pool table installation services to dismantling, our Sacramento pool table experts are there to assist you. See the services provided by The Pool Table Pros below.

Pool Table Installation

Sacramento Pool Table Installation

Our professionals have worked with home and business owners throughout Sacramento and the surrounding areas, so whether you're adding a new pool table to your basement or having several installed in a bowling alley or arcade, our professionals will be ready and eager to tackle the job.


New Felt & Refelting

Sacramento New Felt & Refelting

Great felt can make a huge difference in the quality of your pool table and, in turn, the quality of your games. Over time, felt can become worn, or it might be torn or otherwise damaged, and it's extremely important that you have new felt installed. Re-felting a pool table will maintain the table's quality, and new felt can make your games much more enjoyable and your shots much more accurate.


Balance & Leveling

Sacramento Balance & Leveling

There's no way to have a great game of pool without a perfectly leveled pool table. Even a slightly unbalanced and off-level table will ruin every shot of the game, so it's important that you have high quality leveling and balancing services performed by a professional you can trust.


New Bumper Installation

Sacramento New Bumper Installation

Typically, new bumper installations go hand-in-hand with re-felting. When we're re-felting a pool table, we'll often suggest adding new bumpers as well, since we'll already have the felt removed from the table. Likewise, our professionals Sacramento pool table experts will need to remove at least some felt in order to install new bumpers, so this is probably a good time to consider adding new felt to your table.


Pocket Replacement

Sacramento Pocket Replacement

When you're looking for new pockets for your pool table, our Sacramento pool table experts will have a wide range of options available, so you'll always be able to find the perfect pockets for your table. Our professionals will walk you through our selection and help you find exactly what you're looking for.


Pool Table Dismantling

Sacramento Pool Table Dismantling

If you're looking for a trustworthy professional to provide pool table dismantling services, you can always rely on our Sacramento pool table experts. We specialize in caring for pool tables, and we'll be able to guarantee that your pool table is kept in excellent condition throughout dismantling and reassembling process.


Slate Crating & Table Wrapping

Sacramento Slate Crating & Table Wrapping

Packaging and shipping a pool table is no easy task, and it's not one that you should take lightly. Pool tables are very difficult to handle, so there's a good chance that you'll suffer personal injury or damage the table attempting this job without professional training and experience. If you're shipping a slate pool table, we always recommend hiring a qualified professional for the job.


Pool Table Accessories

Sacramento Pool Table Accessories

Whether you're looking to keep your recreation area more organized, provide protection for your table and felt, or improve your game with new cues, we have the perfect pool table accessories for you. The Pool Table Pros specializes in helping clients keep their pool tables in the best condition possible, and our high quality accessories can help.


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