How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Pool Bumpers

How to Know It’s Time to Replace Your Pool Bumpers

Pool table bumpers are necessary for ensuring that the table in your Sacramento home looks great and your games play smoothly. Of course, like anything, they’re bound to wear away over time and need to be replaced – but how can you know when that time will come? The answer is simple: Just look for some basic signs!

Your Pool Table Is More Than 20 Years Old

If you get bumpers made from high-quality materials and installed by an experienced professional, you can fully expect them to last upwards of 20 years or more. Still, even the highest-quality pool bumpers are bound to start showing their age around that time. So, as your bumpers (yes, even your high-quality bumpers) break the 20-year mark, you need to start investing in a replacement. At this point, you’re pretty much guaranteed to start noticing wear and performance issues.

There Is Noticeably Less Bounce in Your Pool Table Walls

Nothing is set in stone, and that applies to your pool bumpers as well as anything. Yes, a quality bumper is likely to last 20 years or more without a problem, but that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to at least a couple decades of dependable use. So, you can’t use a calendar as your only guide for knowing when to get a replacement. Rather, you should gauge that on how the bumpers perform. If you detect a significant decrease in the bounce that they provide, you need to go ahead and invest in a replacement – no matter the age of your bumpers.

The Bumpers Look Worn-Out

The thing about a pool table is it’s more than a game to enjoy with friends. It’s also a decoration – and a mighty beautiful one at that. At least, your pool table CAN be a beautiful decoration . . . as long as you maintain it. In this regard, knowing when to replace your bumpers is a no-brainer: just look at them. If they’re in a worn-out condition that takes away from the overall look of your pool table and the room it’s used to decorate, then you can easily determine that now is the time to get them replaced.

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