Felt Color Options in Sacramento

Sacramento Felt Colors

While the color that you choose for your pool table's felt won't have an effect on your game, it will have a huge effect on the table's appearance and the interior decoration of the room the table is in. We offer a wide variety of different felt colors, so we can guarantee that you'll be able to find the perfect felt for your home and your pool table. At The Pool Table Pros, we offer high quality felts available in several styles, and we can provide high quality installations to guarantee the best performance possible from your pool table.

Our Sacramento pool table experts are dedicated to helping our clients keep their pool tables in excellent condition at all times. That's why we offer only the highest quality pool table felts, so no matter which felt color you choose, you'll always know you're getting a great product.

Our professionals can work with you to select the perfect materials and colors for your pool table's felt.

Moving a Pool Table? Start Choosing Your Felt Colors.

When a pool table is being moved, it needs to completely taken apart in order to prevent any damage during its relocation. The reason you hire professionals for this job isn't the moving itself, but rather the disassembly and reassembly that's required. We'll need to take everything apart, including the separate sections of slate, the legs, and—yes—the felt.

Because the felt is already being removed, it's cheaper for you to have it replaced completely during the move rather than waiting until later and having the job performed separately. Our professionals can arrive to the job with your new felt ready for application.

Sacramento Felt Colors

How to Determine Your Pool Table's Size

Before you request new felt from our professionals, make sure that you know the precise size of your table so that we can arrive with correctly sized felt.

In order to determine the size of your table, use a tape measurer to measure the width of your table from the tip of one bumper to the tip of the opposite bumper.

Sacramento Pool Table Dimensions

What is the difference in Pool Table Felt?

Pool table cloth for standard American pool games is made from a combination of wool and nylon, or wool and polyester. It is the way the cloth is woven, the quality of the wool, and the manufacturing process that separates different brands and styles of cloth for a pool table.

Pool table cloth is generally referred to as either woolen or worsted cloth. These are two common types of wool yarn and both have specific characteristics that make them unique. The most common type of pool table felt is woolen cloth. This is the "felt" than many people are familiar with. It is usually thick and heavy, comprised of at least 60% wool, and has that familiar "felt" feel when you touch it.

It is considerably less expensive, and most commonly found on home pool tables and on coin-operated tables that you find in many bars and recreational facilities. Billiard balls will generally roll much slower on woolen cloth.

Pilling, the shedding of the cloth into tiny little fuzzy bits, is common with this type of cloth, and therefore not allowed for use in any WPA sanctioned tournament. This type of cloth is usually recommended for casual play situations. The second type of pool table cloth is made from worsted wool. This isn't "felt" at all, and feels more like a woven suit when you handle it. When you look closely, you can even see that actual weaves in the cloth.

Worsted cloth is used primarily in professional tournaments, in pool rooms that host league and tournament play, and by discerning home owners looking for a high quality billiards gaming experience.

Worsted cloth is also referred to as speed cloth, since billiard balls will roll much faster on worsted cloth as compared to woolen cloth.

Because of a shearing and milling process used to produce the optimum playing surface, there is an "upside" to many brands of worsted cloth.

Worsted cloth generally doesn't "pill" like a woolen cloth will.

Because worsted pool table cloth is generally made from the best quality combed wool found in the world, and manufactured on highly specialized machinery built specifically to produce top quality billiards cloth, it is usually much more expensive than its woolen counterpart, but also delivers a much higher level of response for more consistent and accurate play.

If you are a serious league/tournament player or simply want a premium playing experience for your billiards game room, we recommend buying a worsted tournament speed cloth.

For more casual players, you will want to select a woolen blend like Championship Invitational pool table felt.

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